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Your Awakening IS A Big Deal!

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

For a shockingly high number of people, their Spiritual Awakening began when they underwent a traumatic event: death of a loved one, a catastrophic accident, something that shocks the soul…

Mine happened when my favourite rooster died.

He wasn’t just my favourite. Everyone in the family loved him, and he was the hen's favourite, too.

He was gentle and sweet, and his name was Mr. Handsome.

One day, Mr. Handsome got into a tussle with one of the younger rooster’s in the coop, and he didn’t come out the winner. I had to separate him from the rest of the flock and tend to his wounds for a couple of weeks.

One night, as I did the rounds to lock up all the birds, I stopped at Mr. Handsome first. “It’ll sure be nice when you’re all healed up and ready to back to the flock there, Handsome, so I have one less lock up to worry about at night…” I said, only half jokingly.

“This will be the last night you have to do this” said a booming voice in the dark. I whirled around, expecting my husband to be standing on the deck behind me.

I was alone.

I sat there for a heartbeat or two, then shook it off, chalked it up to my imagination, and went to lock up the rest of the flock.

The next morning, I stepped out on my back deck to enjoy my first cup of coffee in the warm summer sun. My eyes were drawn to Mr. Handsome’s hospital coop.

The door was wide open and all I ever found was feathers.

I was shaken to the core. It wasn’t just Mr. Handsome. It was really about that voice. That voice that had warned me and I’d ignored. At great cost. It was recognizing in that flash of a moment all the other times I’d dismissed that voice; all the prophetic dreams I’d chalked up to coincidence; all the Spirit visits I called dreams or wishful thinking…

All the things I’d refused to think about in fear of discovering I was crazy.

I spent the entire day in contemplation, ruminating over a lifetime of experiences I’d ignored and dismissed and refused to acknowledge. There was definitely ‘something’ to all of it, but what?

It wasn’t too long before an oracle card reader informed me I was a Lightworker and experiencing my ‘Awakening’. Not sure what that meant, I looked up everything I could on the subject.

I was so excited! I discovered that all these beautiful rocks I’d collected throughout my adult life were actually things called ‘crystals’ and had metaphysical properties! I discovered that those Spirit visits and prophetic dreams and voices all indicated something within ready to be revealed.

I walked about with my head in the clouds, trying to wrap my mind around this revelation.

About that time, I got into a conversation with someone well versed in crystals. I shared, almost dancing on my toes, that I was apparently experiencing my Awakening! I’m sure I was glowing with excitement.

She looked at me cooly, shrugged her shoulders, and flatly said “Isn’t everyone?”

And just like that, the bubble was burst. I no longer felt special. Or excited.

I felt foolish. Like a child that had just been reprimanded.

Slowly, slowly, I felt my way forward from that moment. The Universe lined up incredible teachers and mentors and I learned about my using my intuition, tapping into my psychic gifts and exploring my natural mediumship. Along the way, I also discovered that I was right.

An Awakening IS a big deal! It’s powerful and exciting and nothing short of life changing! It is a journey like no other…

And now, I spend my hours celebrating with the newly Awakened around the world who find their way to me, wondering about the voices they’ve heard, the shadows they’ve seen, the Spirits they’ve felt.

I am like the department store greeter, ready to guide you in the direction you are seeking, even if you don’t know what that is.

Curiosity for the Akashic Records? You need aisle #3. Past Lives? Aisle #9. Beginner’s psychic? Let me lead you right to Aisle #1, my specialty…

My passion is helping the newly Awakened discover their own gifts and abilities, helping them to lean into the changes ahead; to acknowledge and accept this invitation for bringing deep meaning into their lives.

So, hi there. How may I help you today?

Are you wondering about your own abilities? Set up a Spiritual Assessment reading today, and let me help you gain clarity into your very personal journey!

Blessed be,

~ Lee

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