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Around the World but tied to home...

A couple of years ago during a guided meditation, a friend and colleague had a vision of me arching across the sky in a chariot. It indicated ‘world travel’ to her. While I love to travel, I don’t often have the opportunity. I have a busy family life and run my own home-based business, not to mention my involvement in a spiritualist centre and managing a chronic pain disorder.

Then Covid hit. There would be no travel for me, or anyone.

Last year, as travel opened up again, I was thrilled to fly to the UK in order to attend Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College. I’m still growing and benefitting from that one trip!

And now, from one trip in four years, to four trips in one year, it seems my days of world travel are beginning to materialize in 2023.

My first two trips planned this year are much closer to home: Off to Prince George this month to support a beloved family member (and I’m already booked up for readings while there); a trip to Tofino in June when a former student (now friend) travels from the US to Vancouver Island to join up with other fellow students for a few adventures; once again off to the UK for the Aspiring to Excellence course at AFC; and then, finally, off to the Caribbean on a 10-day cruise with a dear friend.

While not every trip is work related, they will all include me ‘working’ in some capacity. It’s not like I can leave that part of me at home…! So, what does all this travel have to do with you?

Well, for one, I won’t be available for bookings during any of those time frames. Any readings I’m doing on those trips are already booked. And I’m already taking bookings into early June.

Although there are plenty available between now and then, they are going quickly. Secondly, every trip – not just the one to the UK – is an opportunity for me to learn and grow.

Which means, in turn, that I am better able to serve you! If you’re ready for me to help you see the magic in your life, check out my website for availability!

You can choose your day and time and, when you pay through the website, you are sent a Zoom link immediately. Unless you’re booking an in-person reading, of course! I’m ready to help you find your own new horizons!

Blessed be,


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